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Brooke Lynn McGowan is a singer-songwriter based in NYC. She draws inspiration from her background in Musical Theater, and artists such as Sandy Denny, Joni Mitchell, Carole King and PJ Harvey. She began performing at the age of 8 at Centenary College in a company called the Young Performers Workshop (YPW). She performed in the tri-state region as a teenager, notably with the CityKids Repertory Company and in cabarets at Don't Tell Mama's.


After receiving a BA in Theater Studies & Musical Theater at Montclair State University, Brooke began singing with the rock band “Loud Day” in 2009. Realizing that she wanted to find her own voice and sing her own songs, she began writing and performing at open mics in the East Village. After a time of performing professionally, recording a CD of standards called "Maybe This Time" and teaching music in the San Francisco Bay Area, she has returned to NYC.


Brooke is in progress writing a musical and recording an album of her songs, as well as performing at various local venues such as the Christopher Street Coffeehouse in the West Village.



" a Celtic Alanis Morrissette..."

"It’s cool that the lady is working on a theatrical production, since there’s always great drama building in her songs—which she cuts into via frequent stops and starts. Her dynamics, even, can be divisive. Everything about Brooke Lynn McGowan is a series of contradictions, ideas directly defying each other in immediate succession. I don’t know; maybe you like that sort of thing, find it magnetically appealing or something. I guess it’s conceivable; after all, I sure do. —Jonathan Berger

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